Take a Stand Against Falsehood

Global Community Against False Allegations

False allegations are not as rare as reported. Moreover, this growing epidemic is also a disguised form of abuse that wastes our taxes, ruins lives, breaks families and degrades our moral values with little or no recourse to the falsely accused.

False Accusation

We are one of the very few communities that create awareness, offer advice and support to innocent people implicated in this epidemic, as well as pushing action to deter false allegations.

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What We Do

Combat False Assertions

Combat False Allegations

Politically correct but false assertions that give rise to false victimhood in our society come from numerous channels backed by mainstream and taxpayer funded machines. Our fight against false allegations puts us up against the titans we must defeat for the sake of reclaiming our societal morality and sanity.

Stand with the Falsely Accused

Support the Falsely Accused

Our law-enforcement and media are quick to act on allegations to punish the accused, but the State has no recourse for when those allegations are discovered to be false. Fortunately, we have an array of channels to offer advice and resources for both the falsely accused and those who want to prevent being falsely accused.


Demand Accountability

Pushing new legislation against false assertions and allegations. Further more, as the authorities rather encourage false allegations, we believe that deterrence by society is the only way to discourage false accusers, hence we also put a spotlight on the perpetrators and pawns of this falsehood plague.

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Besides a multitude of individual publishers in our Community, we also maintain multiple social media groups and pages to increase awareness to this epidemic of falsehood in society, in addition to the new platform we are building to connect falsely accused persons to qualified/experienced attorneys offering services subsidized by GCAFA