About intro

False allegations are not as rare as reported. Worse, this growing epidemic mostly caused by abundant MSM false assertions is also a disguised form of abuse that wastes our taxes, ruins lives, breaks families and degrades our moral values. Unfortunately, our authorities in the occident do not consider this to be a problem, and neither do blind believers. This is why we dare to step-up and do what the so-called influential people wont.

Community Mission

We are an international group of common sense people fighting the societal challenge of exponentially growing false assertions and allegations as well as our agenda-driven leaders who encourage it. Against all odds, GCAFA is Creating awareness, offering tips to prevent people from falling victim to false allegations, providing help and support to innocent hostages of false allegations, proposing and pushing legislation to discourage false allegations, and much more. We categorize our activities in the following stages:

  • Preventive
  • Reactive/Responsive
  • Accountability
  • Aftermath Support
  • Reformative

Your support helps thousands of people across the world to become aware of, avoid or deal with false allegations. Your support also helps us fight the people in power who do not only neglect the issue but also threaten us for telling the truth. Stand with us to recover societal morality and leave a better world for our next generation.

Main Departments

Our activities mostly revolve around the following sections

Awareness Campaigns


Enlightenment Campaigns

Using all traditional and digital medium available, this unit reaches out to inform people about the existence and challenges of MSM false assertions and false allegations in ur society, offer tips on how to retain skepticism and avoid being victims of this falsehood machine. This department also works with the research team on stories of false assertions, false alarmists and false victimhood for publication

Legal Section


Legal Advice and Policy

This section works with legal practitioners and lawfirms in various countries to offer advice and/or representation to persons who have either fallen victim to false allegations or anticipate it based on a current situation. It is important to know how to defend one's self from a pro-victim system that is stacked up against the accused. This section also pushes for state policy changes and legislation to discourage false assertions and allegations

Research Department


Related Study Papers

This section is responsible for case studies, analyzing past cases of false allegations and all elements that influenced the cases and to what degree they played a role in the outcome. We research the correlation between the court of public opinion and its impact on the legal process and the court of law, and how this correlation continues to affect the aftermath of the case