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In addition to our increasingly popular awareness programs, we have intervened in hundreds of cases and provided context for legislation, to discourage false allegations. Some of the cases are classified due to the settlement conditions. Others presented below, in addition to projects, are from our archive of case studies. Name may be redacted to protect sensitive information.

Emergency Defense Alliance

GCAFA is putting together an alliance of lawyers/attorneys to respond to false allegation cases, with 25% of the legal service cost covered by GCAFA in countries where we operate. We envisage for this defence network to also provide free emergency legal consultation to the falsely accused. Your contribution will speed up the realization of this vision.

The Baudilio Case

Case of a Guatemalan Immigrant who called 911 after a self-inflicted injury, and then made a false assault report that caused police to kill another innocent immigrant that fit the false description of the suspect. GCAFA assumed responsibility to conduct a study on the case and compile report and recommendations focused on police response and accountability, available to Pinellas County Attorney General.


GCAFA has been instrumental to the introduction of the San Francisco CAREN (Caution Against Racial and Exploitative Non-Emergencies) Act which classifies false 911 calls against black men by mostly white women as a hate crime. The bill is expected to pass in the state senate this month. We envisage for similar bill to be passed across other states of the U.S., priorities being New York and New Jersey.

The Chauke Case

Four months after her husband's murder, Khensani Chauke, who was breastfeeding her 6-month-old child, was arrested and thrown in jail because the key suspect in the crime implicated her. Despite no evidence being found to support her involvement, she was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Now she has not only been released but cleared of all wrongdoing. GCAFA is supporting her in her efforts to release her story in a book.

All-in-One Platform

GCAFA is creating an integrated platform to represent our physical global community to connect legal services to falsely accused person in every country we have a presence. The platform inclludes three main modules - portal for goodwill attorneys from our Emergency Defense Alliance to connect falsely accused persons, publishing tools for the researchers and editors within the community, and petition module to facilitate our push for accountability and justice for the falsely accused. Please support this project.

Najila Trindade Case

The private investigation into the false rape accusation against a prominent international football (soccer) star in Brazil. GCAFA investigated and released our eight points of concerns against the allegation which assisted in the Brazilian Authorities as well as the feminist movement to side with the falsely accused male soccer star. The false accuser was eventually charged with libel, fraud and extortion.

The Jackie Case Study

The Jackie case of the University of Virginia was arguably the most flawed campus hoax with the furthest reaching consequences ever recorded in U.S. history. Policy changes were made across the country as regards frat parties. The hoax was also the focus of White House Policies Against Sexual Assault. GCAFA was tasked with connecting the dots to reveal hidden truths about the case and expose the major players behind the scenes.

The Isaac Iowry Case

The man in charge of receiving 911 calls including false reports for over 30 years eventually makes a false accusation of theft against a female acquaintance. We were in charge of taking a deeper look at the case to suggest a definitive motive for the accusation.

The Bannister Case

A woman in a messy divorce and child custody dispute with her husband suddenly claims her husband and his father have been sexually molesting her four kids for years. The authorities in Indianna are oblidged to take her allegations at face value and waste your taxes on it. But GCAFA investigated digilently to unveil the truth behind the lies. We also published this case to deter other liars from taking the same route.